As a South African Company, we know that it is ingrained in our People to thrive and succeed, especially during times which require unity and collective support.

As a People-First Company, we know that with some out-of-the-box thinking and a bit of creativity, we are able to supersede that which was originally thought impossible; and with technology on our side, we know that our candidates and partners will be able to continue their plight to launch new careers with the support of our employees and under the guidance of our core values:

  • Customer first
  • Take ownership
  • Have integrity
  • Give back

Our approach and technology allows us to continue sourcing, interviewing and delivering on the best talent in the Country. Whilst our physical doors have been closed in order to support our Government’s mandate to uphold our commitment to creating a safe and healthy environment for our employees, we are open for business through our online and digital platforms and presence.

All Recruitment, Payroll and HR services activities are continuing without any disturbances and our Executive Team remains active. We have implemented a new internal communication strategy which allows us to create a new network of support for our staff, candidates and clients during this time.

We urge our partners to make use of email as the preferred form of communication however our switchboard is being rerouted accordingly.

We are balancing our economic commitment with that of our commitments to our employees, candidates and clients; we remain a People-First Company.

In Unity,
The Legadima Executive Team

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