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According to the World Health Organisation “Wellness is an active development of becoming mindful of, and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Health however, is the overall mental and physical state of an individual”. The main difference between health and wellness is that health is the goal and wellness is the active process of accomplishing it.

When it comes down to health versus wellness, you cannot have one without the other, if both healthiness and happiness are top priorities in your life. Therefore both health and wellness are of equal importance.

The benefits of finding a balance between health and wellness

  • Taking control of your life and feeling content about the choices you make. It is always more difficult to make decisions if you have a lot of doubts. Something as simple as making a list of your goals, identifying how to achieve them and drawing up a timeline will create a sense of ownership. Start taking control of your life and stop leaving it up to others.
  • Gaining liveliness and feeling more fit and confident.

Personal example: I have recently lost a total of 23 kilos over a period of a year. It was exceptionally challenging with a lot of ups and downs. I kept my goal in the back of my mind every day. This made it easier for me to say “no” to the unhealthier choices presented in my life. I feel more confident in myself and my abilities.

  • Improving your physical health and avoiding the risk of heart diseases at a later stage in your life. When you are young, you tend to have this perception that you have time to make healthier decisions later in your life. The truth is you should start now, start today! Living a healthier lifestyle gives you more time to enjoy the finer things in life.
  • Gaining a positive attitude and discover more gratification in your life. Positive experiences have a domino effect. You end up feeling as if you have a second chance at life, you want to make every day count.
  • Being a role model for your family and friends.

Personal example: In a space of 3 months, my friends and family started noticing a difference in my attitude and confidence. I was given the opportunity to reach out and tell them about the positive effects of cutting out certain food groups from your everyday eating habits. Some of my close colleagues even signed up with the trainer I was working with. This not only made me feel as if I was a role model, it also gave me more motivation to keep going. Knowledge is power, never keep it all to yourself.

How to create a balance between health and wellness in your life

  • Have more home-cooked meals. When you cook at home you are more conscious of the ingredients that go into your food and can make active choices to cut out harmful elements.
  • Plan your meals at least a day in advance. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  • Keep healthy snacks around you, this will help you curb the cravings.
  • Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast! Start your day by having a healthy breakfast to ensure you have enough energy to sustain you throughout the day.
  • Make sure it has the recommended amount of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and healthy fats.
  • Everything in moderation, focus on feeling comfortable after a meal instead of feeling too full uncomfortable and/or tired after a meal.
  • Seek expert advice. Dieticians and Personal Trainers have studied and abide by a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. They have the knowledge and will give you the tools you need to reach the goals you have set out. Some are also great at motivating you in the tough times.
  • Set at least a half an hour aside every day to find the calm place you desperately need, whether it is listening to music or mediation.
  • Physical activity it is the most effective way to release stress. Among others, it leaves you feeling happier, improves sleeping patterns and assists with growing healthy muscles and bones. Speak to your doctor to decide on the minimum and maximum amount of days you need to be active for in a week.
  • Don’t let stress get you down. How you react to stress will define the effects it will have on you. Take steps to avoid stress when you can and manage it when you are unable to.A good thing to remember is that stress is when you are taking being under pressure personally.
  • Take care of yourself. It is important to be attentive of the choices you make for your personal health and wellbeing. Set aside time every day for yourself. Be active, enjoy hobbies, and share time with your family and friends.

Every day presents a variation of choices to improve your mental/emotional, physical and social well-being. It is import to find a balance between these aspects of your health and life. Ultimate health comes from wellness, from making the right choices and working on achieving goals that are based on sound health information and healthy outlooks.

You only have one life to live, live it with vigour and passion and a healthy mind-set.


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